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Amadlelo Agri (Pty) Ltd (Amadlelo) is an operator and strategic investor in diversified agribusinesses.

The company aims to build prosperous agribusinesses and benefit from exceptional operational capacity, extensive project management, proven skills development and significant resources as investors.

Amadlelo is driven by highly successful and experienced commercial operators with the vision to invest capital, assets and expertise over time into projects that uplift historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs).

The business is 72% majority black-owned.

“We are a corporate steward who enables transformation.”

Its ownership structure comprises four groups:

  • Tulsacap (46,4%) which is a group of black professionals and business people that have pooled investment resources in Amadlelo Agri.
  • Amadlelo Milk Producers Investment Company (26,8%) which includes about 50 commercial farmers from KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape
  • Vuwa Investments (18,8%) which is a 100% black-owned investment company
  • Amadlelo Empowerment Trust (8%) which represents 500 black workers of AMPIC members.


“We invest our acumen, wealth and resources into profitable and inclusive partnerships.”

For over a decade, the collaborative efforts of Amadlelo Agri have been at the forefront of transforming the dairy industry and unlocking the land potential of black communities in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Today, Amadlelo Agri has expanded its footprint within the agricultural sector to include fruits, livestock (piggery) and agro-processing and is involved in nine projects as an operator, investor or both.

It has also pioneered other milestones which are indicative of the success of Amadlelo Agri has enjoyed in South Africa’s agricultural sector:

  • Amadlelo Agri helped establish the first dairy enterprise, In collaboration with the Eastern Cape government and
  • The tried-and-tested model has been replicated and is used in five dairy enterprises, which operate in rural areas and on communal land.
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An inclusive prosperous future through sustainable and profitable agribusinesses


Position Amadlelo Agri as a preferred empowered company that unlocks latent agricultural assets and expands existing capacity into profitable agribusinesses through partnerships and joint ventures