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Makhoba Dairy is located in KwaZulu-Natal on land that belongs to the Makhoba Community and is operated by Amadlelo Agri.

In 2002, land was transferred to the Mzabane Makhoba Trust, the only shareholder of the operating company, Ntlangwini Makhoba Farming (Pty) Ltd.

The trust comprised 1,400 beneficiary families who were each promised a new home in one of two housing developments by the Department of Human Settlements.

In 2011, Amadlelo Agri was appointed as the strategic partner to the Makhoba community.

The community faced numerous challenges to source funding to develop the dairy. They plan to use expand into maize production and establish a piggery.

View a summary of the Makhoba Dairy’s progress.¬† Mr Inkosi Makhoba, Director of the Ntlangwini Makhoba Pty) Ltd and Trustee of the Mzabane Makhoba Trust talks about the project.

The Makhoba Dairy beneficiaries include the community's 1,400 families.